We at RunBlogRun are serious about recovery. It is something that many North American runners and coaches seem to forget. A yearly survey finds that nearly 50 percent of teenage athletes quit their activity if they sustain an injury that endures more than two weeks. When I first read that, I became serious about how we could curtail young athletes’ injuries.

In observing the core work done by elite athletes (I was fortunate to observe workouts with several fine coaches at different stages of training during their years), I was happy to see how many work on core and pelvic fitness. In the Us during the 1940s-1970s, gym class prepared most teenagers for high school sports with stretching, weightlifting, gymnastics and running. Now, gym has been weaponized by both political parties and the high schooler gets hurt in the process.

We suggest athletes work on their core all year long and develop a weight program that makes sense for their activity. I am very partisan about free weights, as I believe the range of motion is key in all track & field events.

More on this tomorrow….

Your workout today, is warm up, 30-40 minutes of easy running, with fifteen minutes of free weight work, then, a cooldown.


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