Now, in its third year, THE TEN is becoming a wonderfully innovative fixture on the global circuit. THE TEN will be held at San Juan Capistrano High school on March 4, 2023. To learn more about the meet go to: The fact is that 10,000m that bring together specialists are held in only a few places during the year. The incredibly fast times needed to qualify for World Championships, European Championships, Olympic Games, and USATF Champs need bespoke events that combine great weather, a time when athletes can focus on the 25 lappers and fit into the time schedule. 

The Women’s 10,000m, The 10k, March 2022, photo by Wendy Shulik, Wendy City Video

Jesse Williams established Sound Running just a few years ago. The former Brooks sports marketing manager has developed a specialty in making bespoke athletic events that become quite successful, juggling the technical aspects of our sport, finding sponsors, and giving fans a chance for a live and remote experience. 

Last year, at The 10k, they moved the event from a windy Saturday night to a near-perfect Sunday night and were rewarded with an AR at 10,000m in the Men’s race, and tons of NRs in both the men’s and women’s races! What will happen in 2023?

We have spoken to Jesse Williams in two interviews, Check our interview in 2020, here. To see our interview with Jesse in 2022, go here. To find an early, funny interview with Jesse Williams (from 2011, when he was a wee lad), enjoy the link here.

Dominique Scott, The 10k, March 2022, photo by Wendy Shulik, Wendy City Video

This is our interview, via text questions of the athletics impresario, Jesse Williams.

We thank Jesse Williams for his contributions to the sport and love his innovations.

Nice to see ON Running sponsoring the event!

jesse Williams, in a contemplative place, circa 2011-2013, photo courtesy of Brooks Running


RunBlogRun, 1. How did you come up with the idea for the 10k?

Jesse Williams: With few quality 10,000m options, we knew there was a need and also saw how successful the Night of the 10ks had been for years! Kudos to them for taking the original jump on the idea

RunBlogRun, 2. Are you surprised by the global success of the event?

Jesse Williams: Pretty surprised. I guess with so many good international runners training here in the U.S. and after the fast times last year, it’s firmly on the calendar now!

RunBlogRun, 3. What is the toughest part of putting an event like this together?

Jesse Williams: Toughest part is a bit out of our control. Great athletes being fit and ready at the same time is up to them and their coaches and we just hope our event lines up with those moments.

Jesse Williams, charming the airwaves, circa 2022, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

RunBlogRun, 4. Will fans be allowed at the race, what are the specifics?

Jesse Williams: Fans have been back for some time and last year we even had a great crowd on a Sunday night! Tickets are available at

RunBlogRun, 5. Fans will want to watch, are you donating meet revenues to the athletes, and what are the specifics?

Jesse Williams: No donations. We are sharing the revenue from the pay-per-view broadcast with the athletes through the prize purse! The fans are in control and the more people that watch….the more $$ that goes to the stars of the event! To watch, click here.

RunBlogRun, 6. What is the part of this event that makes you the proudest?

Jesse Williams: Very proud that it’s already a firm part of many athlete seasons! We had people telling us in December “see you at the Ten”. That’s pretty cool!

Jesse Williams racing, photo courtesy of Sound Running website/original photo credit: NYRR

RunBlogRun, 7. What else do you want our readers to know about the event?

Jesse Williams: That the 10,000 can be entertaining. Our main job is to make it entertaining for the audience and deliver a better product! The better product brings in more fans and more $$ into the sport!


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To learn more about The Ten, the bespoke event for the 10,000m, please click here.

To learn more about Sound Running, please click here.




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