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Tuesday, 29 January 2019 16:26

Title: 361 USA Announces 'The 361 Cup' Retail Racing League (Sponsored Post)

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The performance running business has at least 48 brands. The competition is fierce, as local running stores battle to stand out in a running culture that wants performance at a good price. How does a brand stand out in such competition? Well, the team at 361 USA has come up with a unique approach-The 361 Cup Retail Racing League.

At the recent 2018 Running Event in Austin, Texas, the brand 361 USA announced a unique approach to building attention and respect for the brand within the staffs of the local running specialty stores: The 361 Cup Retail Racling League. The competition is open to local running stores in the USA and Canada. Teams consist of four runners, two men and two women. Each team may have a local elite. The teams run 5k distance on a certified course, and the best 2 times for each team are used to develop a best average time. Sign ups are now through June 2019, and racing time is June 2019 to December 2019, with the top regional teams (five in USA and one in Canada) named in January 2020.

IMG_8565.jpg361 USA, photo by The Shoe Addicts

In March 2020, the teams will put their bragging rights on the line, racing in an established 5k road race, with the top team winning $50,000. We have provided a video below to explain the 361 Cup Retail Racing League.

To learn more about the Racing Cup, please go to: https://www.361usa.com/blogs/news/361-degrees-announces-retail-racing-cup

To learn more about 361 USA and their fine product, please go to: www.361usa.com.

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