This is longest Coffee With Larry yet, over 46 minutes. Greetings from Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas; I am tired. After two days of interviews, now for a walk in the desert. Enjoy the CWL, and watch for our updates on this crazy weekend of track & field!

This is my daily chat with #RunBlogRun viewers and track fans on all things track & field!

This is Coffee with Larry, for Friday, March 10, 2023.
1. I am at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Global Athletics & Marketing Media & Business Conference.
1. GAM is one of the most innovative athlete management groups; their yearly (except for the pandemic) opp for media to meet with many of their key athletes is unrivaled in the sport. My question is if a brand or a management group wants to build its brand, why is this not replicated?
4. I forgot to mention #KatieIzzo, an adidas runner who competes for Terrance Mahon and Jen Rhines at #GoldenCoastTrackClub, an adidas sponsored club. I enjoyed our interview, thanks Katie!
5. These two days reinforce, in me, what our sport is all about, and how I am convinced that the lack of story telling, and access to these athletes is a key part in how to improve the sport.
6. NB Indoors, March 9-12, 2023, free to view on, the site is
7. adidas Atlanta City Games, May 6, 2023,
8. Peachtree road race registration begins on #runblogrun on March 15, 2023!
9. Thanks to Brooks for their continued support,
10. Thanks to FibersportUSA for their sponsorship,
11. Watch for new review of #Istanbul2023, event by event, sponsored by #CONICAAG!
12. Thanks to #NewBalance for their support this past several months! #newbalancerunning,
13. NCAA Indoors begin today,
This is the book about Herb Douglas!
14. Herb Douglas is 101 today, the Oldest living Olympian from 1948 track team! #herbdouglass, #jeffbenjamin,
15. Yesterday was 43rd anniversary of #CraigVirgin’s World XC win in Paris! #Worldcrosscountry, #jeffbenjamin,
16. You can watch NB Nationals and Nike Champs, both on #Runnerspace, FREE! Yet, to see NCAA Indoors live, you have to pay; what gives #ESPN?
17. Aleia Hobbs ran 6.94 for the 60m, her first AR at the USATF Indoor Champs, she was so happy with her first AR and becoming a Mom! So cool to meet  #AleiaHobbs,  #adidasrunning,
Have a great day!
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