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This is Coffee with Larry for February 15, 2023, a Wednesday!
Out topics:
Abdisa Tola takes Dubai Marathon in debut, Feb. 12, 2023, photo by Dubai Marathon
1. Abdisa Tola, brother of WC gold marathoner Tamirat Tola (who also won at Dubai), won the Dubai marathon in his debut in 2:05.24 WL!
Dera Dida, won the Dubai Marathon in first marathon after her maternity leave! photo by Dubai Marathon
2. Dera Dida, wife of Tamirat Tola, won the Dubai marathon in first marathon post maternity leave, in 2:21.11.
3. The Dubai Marathon had to move race 40-5kk outside of Dubai city, meaning new course, moving hotels, making for a crazy pre meet week!
4. First year in three years since Dubai Marathon was run!
5. USATF Indoors from Feb 16-Feb 18,
6. European Indoors still planned for Istanbul, Turkey at this time.
7. NB Nationals continues to build a great field, March 10-12, 2023,




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