This is our story on the Millrose Games. For the first time in 40 years, new PR peeps at Millrose could not find a mixed zone pass for Jeff Benjamin, and we still were able to juggle coverage, from my remote in Wisconsin to Jeff getting photos and quotes outside of the media area. We find it highly disappointing that a new media team could not figure out who actually covers the sport 365 days a year and has for several decades, but, such is life and 2023 Millrose Games was FANTASTIC! 

On our morning news show, Coffee with Larry, I was buzzing with anticipation over the Millrose Games.

In Particular, I spoke about the chances of Alicia Monson. After her run at the Dr. Norb Sander Invite in the mile, I believed that she was in 8:25-8:28 shape.

Alicia Monson is one of our most talented and promising American distance runners. You knew how tough she was when she made the 10,000m team at the Olympics in 2021 and collapsed post-race.

Alicia Monson takes the mile at Dr. Norb Sander Invite, photo by Kevin Morris

You knew how tough she was last year, running so well in the World Championships and battling the best in the world in Stockholm DL in 2022 over 5,000 meters.

This race was a work of art.

Danielle Aragan, a fine runner in her own right and the daughter of Chuck Aragon, Notre Dame grad, 3:34 1,500m guy, put the pace through 1k in 2:48.47.

Alicia Monson, Dr. Sander Invitational Indoor Track & Field
at The Armory Track
New York, NY
2023-01-28, photo by Kevin Morris

Right behind Danielle, Was Alicia Monson, Whitni Morgan, Kately Touhy, Elise Cranny and Elle Henes. Elise Cranny, of Bowerman TC, was a last-minute entry.

Alicia Monson is strongest in the middle of her race. Her 2:48 first kilometer was followed by a 2:51.09 second kilometer and the third kilometer in 2:45.19, running 8:25.05 for a WL, NR, and FR.

Alicia Monson put on her beast master face, and churned out her last two laps, and took the AR like she owned it.

Whitni Morgan, Elise Cranny, Katelyn Tuohy, and Laura Henes were duking it out. Whitnni kept running strong laps and finished second in 8:30.13, PB. Katelyn Tuohy took third, a PB and NCAA record in 8:35.20. Elle Henes ran 8:36.48, a PB for fourth, passing Elise Cranny, who looked great through 2k and then, got the glaze (she is probably a few races off), taking a pb in 8:37.17 PB. The top eight runners scored PBs.

What does this portend for Alicia Monson’s season in 2023? I predict PBs at 10,000m and 5,000m.

In her post-race interview with the illustrious Lewis Johnson, Alicia Monson said, “It was tough. We had beenn focusing on this one for a couple of months.”

And we, the fans, were able to witness a spectacular race.



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