Well, it is a winter wonderland across the country.

In Los Gatos, CA and Santa Cruz, CA, for the first time since 1976, there is enough snow to close Highway 17 and 85.

The Winter Wonderland will go away soon, but lots of social media will help us remember.

In Sunny Wisconsin, it is 22 degrees and the snow is everywhere! Time for a walk.

Before I head out, here is your workout for today.

Warm-up, 30 minute good run, and an 800m or 1,500m race indoors or at an outdoor all-comers meet. If you can not race, try this,

do a mile, broken up into 4 x 400m, with 15-second break in between each 400m. The 400m are done at your current race pace. So if that is 5 minutes, or

4:40, then run 70-75, depending on goal, walk for fifteen seconds, then, repeat, and cooldown well.





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